N.B The fees below are a guide only and a higher fixed fee may be quoted depending upon complexity and individual circumstances. Further additional fees may be charged in addition to the fixed fee if additional unanticipated work is required or if an excessive number of appointments are booked. You will be informed in advance if additional fees will be likely.


We operate on a fixed fee system

*** All fees are subject to VAT depending on the client’s status. This is chargeable at 20%***

All fees are starting from:

Free 15 minute telephone appointments offered by pre-booking in advance.     FREE

Detailed one-off advice appointments (in Person / Zoom / Telephone) - £100  

Updating/ replacement UKVI and Embassy documents- starting from - £250

Adult Nationality - £450

Child Nationality - £400

Child In Care - Nationality - £650

In-country applications (extensions and category switching) - £800

Visit visa applications - £650

Overseas settlement applications - £800

Overseas settlement applications for each Dependant –  £100

EU Settlement Scheme applications  - £500

Asylum - £1000

Convention Travel Documents - £150

Certificate of Travel - £250

Family Reunion (Pre-existing spouse / Child) - £400

Family Reunion (Dependant / Child) - £100

Family Reunion (Other Relatives) - £650

Deportation  - £700

Lodging of appeal online - £200

Appeal preparation  - £1000

Post Appeal review work (Counsel fees are additional for representation at hearing) - £300

Bail Application - £1000

Bail Application - Counsel fees for representation - £ P.O.A are separate additional cost.)

Swearing’s and certifying - £10 per page

There may be Reductions for multiple Family Members applying at the same time

When will payments be required?

Once you have confirmed that you wish to instruct us to act on your behalf, we will require an agreed initial deposit towards your costs and disbursements).
Costs for disbursements such as Interpreters, translation fees, DNA testing fees must be provided in advance of such services being requested and booked.
The balance of outstanding fees are to be provided prior to submission of application

We understand that seeking legal advice can be daunting and fees can be one of the most worrying aspects. We offer several options for funding cases.

Free Initial 15-minute Appointments
We will offer a free 15-minute telephone appointment for you to discuss the most appropriate application and advise you of the next steps in your case if it is not an extension to a current visa, unless multiple options are available to you. Please note that no advice is confirmed in writing. This is a one-off appointment and if further or detailed advice is needed then we would recommend a one off paid advice appointment  (see below)

One Off Advice
We can offer a one off paid appointment for more in depth advice on your circumstances, and the next steps in your case. The appointment is for a maximum of 45 minutes. Formal written advice is provided following the appointment.

Fixed Fees
In most cases we are able to fix a fee for the work we undertake on your behalf, allowing you to budget for the costs in relation to your case, and to be aware of the full cost before instructing Albany Solicitors to act for you.

Legal Aid
We are contracted with the Legal Aid Agency and can provide Legal Aid in qualifying cases.

Please note that we do not offer Exceptional Case Funding.

Hourly Rates
In more complicated cases and those before the Higher Courts we offer competitive hourly rates.

However, your case is funded we will make clear what the potential costs are at the outset, allowing you to make an informed choice.

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If your immigration query is not listed above, please contact us directly.