Helping you understand and deal with matters linked to the UK Immigration Rules which are incredibly complex and change rapidly. Given the complexity, the large costs involved and the consequences if you get it wrong, why take a chance?

There are many laws and rules that say who can come into the United Kingdom (UK), depending on why you are coming and whether you want to stay permanently.

We can help you

  1. understand how these rules relate to your particular needs and circumstances
  2. assist in obtaining and compiling all the required evidence in support of the application
  3. prepare applications to government agencies and Embassies
  4. support and help you resolve any and problems that might arise throughout the entire immigration process

Our team at Albany Solicitors has the experience and in-depth knowledge to advise and represent in all areas of immigration law. Our specialist UK immigration lawyers will seek to help you find a suitable solution to any immigration problem. We are all specialist and fully accredited lawyers, and you can learn more about us here. Once you have had a consultation with us, you can be assured that our lawyers will be your personal lawyers throughout the process.

We can help you with all immigration applications including the following applications:

  1. Visitor visa (all types)
  2. Family, including husbands, wives, civil partners, children, parents and other dependants
  3. Ancestry
  4. Long Residence
  5. European Economic Area (EEA)
  6. Deportation / Illegal Entry
  7. Domestic violence
  8. Family Reunion
  9. Travel Document Applications
  10. Discretionary Applications made outside of the rules
  11. Assisting those that are here illegally or have overstayed to regularise their stay
  12. Appeals, including Judicial Review

We have detailed expertise in the preparation of all of the above applications and are able to deal with all cases from Application stage to Appeal. Of course, if your issue isn’t in one of the above categories, then please do give us a call as so long as it relates to immigration, we will be able to help you!

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