Entrepreneur Case Study

Albany Solicitors were approached by a Malaysian client who wished to invest in a UK company, not only for his own business but to enable his family to relocate to the UK. In particular, so his 12 year old daughter could be educated in the UK with a view to the long term and higher education.

Although the client initially had his own ideas as to the best way to achieve his objectives, on instructing Albany Solicitors we worked with him to learn more about his background and skills. It quickly became apparent that the better solution to achieve what our client wanted was to pursue the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) route as this would not only allow him to be involved in an UK business, but would lead to the right for him and his family to live in the UK permanently, and especially before his daughter turned 18. This enabled her to have the option of attending UK universities and be considered a settled student. This in turn would enable her to access greater resources and avoid high overseas student fees.

Having learned more about the client, we advised our client on several potential investment opportunities that suited his skills. The business opportunities presented had already been through significant scrutiny to confirm their validity and potential growth, thus offering an additional peace of mind. Further, due to Albany Solicitors large portfolio of potential opportunities, it meant we could match our client to a suitable business, which already has a developed business plan, and would ensure the satisfaction of the visa requirements. It became apparent to this client that the most suitable opportunity would be an investment in a new international academy school being built.

On Albany Solicitors and the client agreeing the way forward, we then worked with the two parties to form an agreement. This agreement involved the required investment from our client to meet the visa rules in return for a managerial position within the company, as well as a combination of equity ownership and guaranteed return investment bonds. Albany Solicitors undertook the full negotiation on behalf of the client to achieve a favourable outcome which in turn shall offer security and growth.

Due to Albany Solicitors involvement from the outset, the visa application itself was much simplified with a favourable outcome much more assured. From the finalisation of the business agreement, it took only a matter of weeks for the visa applications to be prepared, submitted and granted to the whole family.

In addition to helping with the immigration matters, and whilst the investment was being negotiated and visas organised, Albany Solicitors also worked with the client and other third parties to make their relocation to the UK as smooth as possible. A place at a prestigious school was organised for the daughter, housing was sought and purchased and all other minor details were arranged.

The family are now all residing in the UK, with the main client continuing to live and work between the UK and Malaysia to ensure all his business interests continue and his daughter is studying at a foremost private school. We therefore ensured our client achieved his aims.